93rd Int. Lauberhorn Races January 13 - 15, 2023

Wengen dances and shares the « Jerusalema »spirit with the whole world

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The stunning wintery landscape, the power of the mountains and the will to master this crisis together has motivated Wengen’s residents to perform the dance “[email protected] -feel the village spirit”.

Over 20 service providers including Wengen Tourism, the OC of the International Lauberhorn Races, the Swiss Ski School, shops, hotels, clubs, and Ryan Regez -the world-class ski cross racer and ambassador of Wengen, have come together on a private initiative to show support for Wengen and its guests.

The song spread through the village like a wave and the whole community danced along.« The traditional Swiss costume group, the fire brigade, hotel employees andhouse technicians were all there. That gives a good feeling and shows that the village of Wengen stands together and carries on, even in a crisis », says Erich Leemann, director of the Beausite Park and initiator of the campaign.

Wengen wants to give guests in Switzerland and all around the world a few happy minutes, and encourage them to continue into 2021 with a positive spirit.

» Media Release Wengen Tourism

Update March 16, 2021
After the first short [email protected] video, now follows the short film!
YouTube «WengenSpirit» https://youtu.be/z_LO2kmcgsQ

» Media release Wengen Tourism from March 16, 2021

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