93rd Int. Lauberhorn Races January 13 - 15, 2023

European Cup - the races of the stars of tomorrow

Already one week before the 90th International Lauberhorn Races, the organisers are holding
two European Cup downhill races in Wengen.

Did you know that Mauro Caviezel, Brice Roger and Max Franz have already won on the Lauberhorn?
No, not the Ski World Cup. These gentlemen have entered the European Cup winners' lists in
Wengen. It shows impressively that these races are an optimal springboard to start in the World Cup
one day.

On Friday, January 10th and Saturday, January 11th 2020 the next two European Cup downhill races
are on the agenda. By the way, the best three downhill skiers of the whole European Cup season will
secure themselves a fixed starting place for the World Cup downhill races of the coming season.

A nice story at the first training-session
Already the first training on Wednesday, January 8th delivers a wonderful story. Frenchman Valentin
Giraud Moine, who was seriously injured three years ago, surprisingly set a training best time on the
way back to his old strength. Directly behind – the Swiss: Ralph Weber drove the second training time,
Stefan Rogentin reached the finish in third and Lars Rösti in fifth.

Easy access to the race track
The Lauberhorn ski run is easily accessible for the European Cup downhill runs with the Wengernalp
cable car or via the Jungfrau Ski Region lifts. For example, spectators can reach the Wengernalp
railway station within a very short walk directly to the race course. The European Cup runs start at the
original start on the Lauberhorn shoulder. The finish is at the water station, at the top of the Bumps ski

Race live on the Internet
A live ticker on the FIS app will follow today's second practice and the two races tomorrow and the day
after tomorrow. The times will be transmitted in real time. The official results will also be available on
the website of the International Lauberhorn Races.

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13:52:45 09.01.2020
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