93rd Int. Lauberhorn Races January 13 - 15, 2023

The Lauberhorn is ready for the anniversary

The International Ski Federation FIS gives her go to the International Lauberhorn Races in Wengen. The organisers are looking forward to exciting World Cup and European Cup races.

FIS Race Director Hannes Trinkl today, Friday (January 3, 2020) carried out the obligatory checks in Wengen. It went off positively. The preparations for the 90th International Lauberhorn Races are on track.
This is primarily due to the great work of the piste crew. The weather at the end of last year put them to the test. Several foehn storms swept over the Lauberhorn with some gusts of wind over 200 kilometres per hour. No sooner had snow fallen than a storm blew it away again. In addition, the temperatures rose with the foehn. The relatively few cold nights had to be used optimally for technical snow production. "We are used to working with nature," emphasises OC President Urs Näpflin. "This winter it has already demanded a great deal of us. We certainly wouldn't mind stable, beautiful, cool weather for the next two weeks".

Two European Cup downhill runs
In the remaining days until the races, the infrastructure of the Lauberhorn Races will be given the finishing touches it deserves. The downhill course must be ready for racing as early as next Wednesday up to the Wasserstation. Then the first of two training sessions for the two European Cup downhill runs will start.
On Friday, January 10th and Saturday, January 11th, fixed World Cup starting places for the coming season are at stake. These will be given to the best European Cup riders of the winter. "In addition, it is an absolute highlight for the European Cup riders when they are allowed to race on such legendary tracks as the one on the Lauberhorn", explains Urs Näpflin. So there is a lot at stake even one week before the World Cup races in Wengen.

Legends honour anniversary
On the occasion of the 90th International Lauberhorn Races, the organizers have invited all Lauberhorn winners and all Swiss podiumists in World Cup history. Urs Näpflin is delighted: "It will be a real reunion with big names. We will be able to welcome numerous national and international former ski stars in Wengen".
The illustrious guest list includes names of Swiss ski heroes such as Cuche, Défago, Giovanoli, Kernen, Russi, Tresch, von Grünigen and many more. These are joined by international Lauberhorn winners. Among others, Henri Duvillard, course record holder Christian Ghedina, World Cup record winner Ivica Kostelic, Daron Rhalves, Markus Wasmeier and the legendary Karl Schranz have registered in Wengen.
As this is only an excerpt of the list of legends, it is already certain: The 90th International Lauberhorn Races in Wengen will certainly become legendary.
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16:52:53 05.01.2020
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