94th Int. Lauberhorn Races January 12 - 14, 2024

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15.01.2023   Henrik Kristoffersen wins the slalom for the third time
14.01.2023   Aleksander Aamodt Kilde skis to victory in outstanding manner
13.01.2023   Aleksander Aamodt Kilde wins the super-G in a deserved manner
04.11.2022   Lauberhorn jetzt auch mit längstem Weltcup Super-G
12.10.2022   Experience the international Lauberhorn races up close. VIP products now available!
18.03.2022   Braathen wins thanks to sensational second run
16.01.2022   Braathen wins thanks to sensational second run
15.01.2022   Three nations on the downhill podium
14.01.2022   First victory for Aleksander Aamodt Kilde on the Lauberhorn
13.01.2022   Marco Odermatt crowns his 1st participation with victory
12.01.2022   Lauberhorn races with spectators and adapted event concept
03.01.2022   Bormio-Super-G am Donnerstag in Wengen
31.12.2021   Lauberhorn races with spectators and adapted event concept
09.12.2021   Lauberhorn races with spectators and adapted event concept
29.10.2021   Get your ticket for the 92th Int. Lauberhorn Races
16.02.2021   Wengen dances and shares the « Jerusalema »spirit with the whole world
11.01.2021   Lauberhornrennen 2021 cancelled due to Corona pandemic
31.12.2020   Lots of snow on the Lauberhorn - unfortunately no spectators
16.10.2020   Schweizer Alpin-Weltcups grundsätzlich ohne Zuschauer
19.01.2020   Clement Noel wins the slalom for the second time
18.01.2020   Beat Feuz races to his third Lauberhorn victory
17.01.2020   Matthias Mayer wins for the first time in Wengen
16.01.2020   Lauberhorn program for the weekend confirmed
11.01.2020   The Lauberhorn program is confirmed
09.01.2020   European Cup - the races of the stars of tomorrow
05.01.2020   The Lauberhorn is ready for the anniversary
04.09.2019   90 years International Lauberhorn Races - you can be part of it!
20.01.2019   Clément Noël triumphs in the slalom on the Lauberhorn
20.01.2019   Clément Noël (FRA) after the first slalom run on rank 1
19.01.2019   Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT) wins the Lauberhorn Downhill 2019

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